Thursday, May 26, 2016

Beinfield Architecture Recognized by AIA for Strong, Cohesive and Sustainable Design

AIA Connecticut 2016 Business Architecture Program granted top honors to Beinfield Architecture for the firm’s design of North American Power’s headquarters in Norwalk, CT
Beinfield Architecture was selected to receive AIA’s prestigious award commending architects and their clients whose projects enhance the built environment and achieve business goals. It is the South Norwalk firm’s 82nd design award.

North American Power wanted to encourage a team-based environment that would reflect the company mission to support and promote
sustainable resources. Their space had to speak of green energy. 

  C.M.O. Greg Breitbart comments  “We are immensely satisfied with the outcome of the project. Our office not only makes a wonderful first impression with first-time visitors, it continues to excite and inspire those of us who have been here for years. In addition to the innovative design throughout the office, the open and transparent layout-no cubicles, glass offices, and a minimal amount of walled space-supports cross-department collaboration and a greater sense of team”.

At the core of the work environment are recycled and sustainable materials branding the North American Power as a progressive 21st century energy provider. The living walls form an indoor garden, with plants that oxygenate the air. Systems are exposed to make the work space more dynamic than the typical corporate cast. Live edge wood conference tables are juxtaposed against classic mid-century modern and industrial pieces to enrich the space.

A mix of furniture from mid-century masters Le Corbusier and Mies Van der Rohe, along with
a collection of reclaimed industrial artifacts make the space feel much more like a sophisticated New York loft than a corporate office. The café was designed as a place to gather around expresso machine, sending a message to the employees that this is both a cool and caring community.

The AIA jury (Don Crowe, AIA, Lucy Diaz, and Karen Lika) noted that “the strong, cohesive design brought the values of the company to life and fostered both collaboration and energy in the work place. The use of materials seemed authentic and reflected the company ethos. The project’s sustainable design supports the company vision of moving toward sustainable energy resources. The project fulfilled the company desire that the space evoke the company’s sincerity in preserving and protecting the environment and speak of green energy.”

Founding Principal Bruce Beinfield FAIA noted that, “this award was a great honor, and is a tribute to a dedicated professional team with the creative skills to find the art in Architecture. Our thanks go out to Corporate Design LLC, who we partnered with on this commission.”

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