Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An Intersection with Architecture / Pokemon Go

photo/Andrew Bartolotta AIA,
Wild Pokemon apprehended at Beinfield Architecture -


There were no Great Balls, Ultra Balls, or Master Balls used to catch "squirtle."
Just excellent dominating gameplay.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Studio Visit with Carol Matyia Ross

Carol Matyia Ross is Beinfield Architecture’s Interior Stylist – her work is original and versatile, and extends way beyond Interior Design.  Here is a glimpse into her studio and creative process -

Carol's studio haven - a unique and inspiring tableau of textures, pigments, homemade marbleized paper,
found objects and imaginative assemblages    - photos/Meg Matyia

"Growing up, my family restored and lived in numerous 18th, and even 17th century homes. It was an all-consuming passion. To take a forgotten, neglected relic of the past, and give it life once again was a most rewarding endeavor. One that took a great deal of hard work, determination, and a healthy dose of vision. This experience taught me the power of design. I found that by playing with materials, color, textures, styles, negative spaces as well as the positive, one had the power to elevate a room into something more. You could create a place. A place that could evoke emotion. Even awe!

I went on to study art and design. Specifically painting. This training has given me the tools and a unique approach that I have to creating interior spaces. Along the way, I discovered and nurtured my interest in collage. I enjoy the placement of shapes and colors juxtaposed to one another to create a sort of visual poem. This of course makes sense, since what is an interior but an arrangement or assemblage within a space? It is the thoughtful choosing and placement of elements that truly excites me. I must say, however, that the very best part of my job is the collaboration with the architects themselves, who in fact create my canvas to begin with. It is so exciting, and such a privilege to work side by side with the extraordinary and talented minds at Beinfield Architecture. I never know what magic I may be a part of creating."

Interiors by Carol - from top -
 Rowayton residence, Ironworks SoNo amenity area, Can Tiin Restaurant

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Adventures in Alchemy - Forest to Table

"Given the proper environment basic acts can be elevated
to ceremonial events."

In architecture you look at connecting the community to the context and the stories that unfold from the act of listening in order to shape the space. Visually stunning Chef’s Table on Netflix is a series that has at its core the art and act of storytelling, specifically, exploring the paths of extraordinary chefs. In each narrative exploration it is a privilege to hear about the circumstances that shaped their careers and the phenomenal creativity that came to define each individual. It is not about recipes or protocol. It is about the emotional connections at the root of our lives and the alchemy of passion.  

Like architects these chefs are driven by new ideas, sustainability, and performing at their highest level.
Visually rich though "It's really a show about people. We don't give explanations on how to cook things. 
It's psychological, character-driven film-making."  David Gelb

Restaurant 540, The Spread, Barcelona, The Spread, Can Tiin, Harlan Public, Ocean Drive - Beinfield Architecture