Thursday, October 23, 2014

We're going underground...

What is the hippest way between point A and point B?

An LED illuminated tunnel with a boardwalk passage of course! The illumination really highlights the exposed raw concrete walls!

photos courtesy of Seeyond™ Architectural Solutions

Friday, October 3, 2014

Have you tried the deliciousness over at Washington Prime yet? Check out the incredible edible mouth watering pictures captured by Jessica Ryan at The Entertaining House.  

Thank you for appreciating the really cool space and for sharing those incredible photos!

Dessert first anyone?

Photo credit Jessica Ryan 

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Pearl of Rowaton

Beinfield Architecture transforms a former working oyster house in the quaint coastal village of Oysterman's Row in Rowayton, CT.  We are honored to have Connecticut Cottages & Gardens Magazine feature this awesome house in their 10 Years of Design September 2014 issue.

“One of the more remarkable aspects of the house is the way it fits together in a three-dimensional kind of way,” says Beinfeld. “We were able to give them so many areas to enjoy, each with its own personality."
"The biggest challenge," says project architect Mark Goodwin, "was creating enough storage space."

These floors are making it hard not to think of sailing away to some far away island!

You can read the article about The Pearl of Rowayton here.
Photos by Keith Scott Morton from

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ironworks SoNo | Beinfield Architecture Happenings

The Ironworks in SoNo is already leasing amazing units and the building is a heartbeat away from completion. Here's a little sneak peek of one of the incredible model apartments in the Beinfield Architetcure designed Ironworks, located right in the heart of it all!

Learn more about the vibrant community and trend-setting apartments at the Ironworks website and their on-site leasing office:
A retreat for local foodies and the go-to nightlife choice, South Norwalk has become a sought after spot for those who want a little city in their suburbs. With easy access to Metro North trains, CT highways, and bike paths, Ironworks offers residents a chance to connect and to disconnect in style. 

Just look at this place! I'm ready to move in! See you there... And I can't wait to show you the rest of the building very soon!

Photos by Michele Scotto | Sequined Asphault Studio Photography

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Looking for a career in Architecture? Check out these job postings at Beinfield Architecture


Beinfield Architecture PC, an award-winning, firm, seeks a Junior Architect with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and 2-5 years experience. 

We are a full-service firm dedicated to client service and strong design.  Our work ranges from high-end residential to multi-family and commercial/restaurant/corporate.  Our culture is collaborative and creative.  We require a motivated designer with exceptional computer skills who takes ownership.

Responsibilities may include involvement in all phases of design, production, construction drawings, potential for project management, business development and presentations. 

Requirements include strong design experience; strong AutoCAD/Revit skills; familiarity with Photoshop; strong communications skills, both written and spoken; and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively. 

Resume and portfolio: Jackie Grogan


Beinfield Architecture PC, an award-winning, firm, seeks an Architectural Intern with an entry level knowledge of architectural design.

Responsibilities may include involvement in all phases of design, production and construction drawings. 

Applicants seeking a Bachelors or Masters of Architecture Degree must be responsible, well-organized; strong AutoCAD/Revit skills; strong communications skills, both written and spoken.  Daily tasks will include assisting architects on residential or commercial projects.

Resume and portfolio: Jackie Grogan

Beinfield Design Tour | North American Power

Here's another great recent project from Beinfield Architecture PC. Welcome to your design tour of the North American Power Headquarters!

North American Power is one of the fastest growing companies in the State of Connecticut. They provide sustainable energy solutions and offer competitive rates to customers, all while supporting many worthwhile charitable organizations through their Mission to Millions program. Passion, drive, and forward thinking have enabled founders Kerry and Carey to create this successful energy company with a solid idea:
Great things happen when you give individuals the power to change the world around them.
And that's the perspective Beinfield Architecture, and design team member, Corporate Design LLC,
built upon when conceiving this amazing new office space.

This fast growing powerhouse wanted new offices to reflect their principles as well as their success in the energy industry. Beinfield Architecture and Corporate Design have given them space that will attract the hard-working, innovative talent they seek in employees by creating a cool and comfortable work environment. At the same time, these offices are professional and impressive for hosting established industry corporations coming to Norwalk to strategize the future of solar and wind power.

This sustainable energy company's space relies heavily on the use of recycled materials. 

The living wall, which spans the length of the office, hosts plant life providing oxygen and a great view enhancing the office environment.

The antique oak walls are reclaimed wood while the use of sustainable materials are evident throughout the project.

 Wouldn't you love to work in a place like this every day?

Photos by Michele Scotto | Sequined Asphault Studio Photography

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beinfield Designs's Incredible Stamford Headquarters

Beinfield Architecture PC recently had the privilege of working with, the leading travel search engine on the Internet, on their new Stamford, Connecticut headquarters. The concept and the final product are fantastic!

Mark P. Goodwin, AIA led the design team in the conversion of the abandoned south side Police Station.  Located on Market Street, in the heart of the neighborhood that's quickly becoming the Brooklyn of Fairfield County, this project was destined to be cool.

The glass enclosed conference room sits beneath the jet fuselage constructed inside of the space. Incredible, right?

The open catwalk above connects the upper level work areas, and the design's use of glass creates a completely transparent office environment while maintaining distinct uses of space.

The steel framework, exposed brick, and jet fuselage are referential of the building's origins and the fantastic innovations of the travel and transportation industries.

It's clear KAYAK is continuing on it's own path of innovation with this space. What an amazing opportunity to work there each day! The Beinfield Team was honored to design this great new addition to the Stamford South End community.

Photos by Robert Benson Photography

Thursday, March 27, 2014

So Long, Winter

Winter may be slowly petering out, but there's still time to catch Bruce's article in the Winter 2014 issue of The Beat.

In his article on transit oriented development in the new millennium, Bruce talks about the evolving kissing habits of teenagers, and how Fairfield County measures up in walkable communities in these changing times.

Being a NewYorker myself, transplanted to Connecticut by way of San Francisco, I've never really understood streets without sidewalks, among other idiosyncrasies of suburban life. I'm thrilled for this shift toward more walkable communities, and a statement of Bruce's that  certainly resonated with me was:
"For a walk to be enjoyable, it should offer the pedestrian a fighting chance of avoiding being hit by an automobile."
Thank you, Bruce. Thank you.

You can read more about what Bruce has to say about transit oriented development in your community and the specific changes he's observed, or more likely, had a hand in orchestrating through his architecture and planning efforts throughout Fairfield County.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Elegant Rowayton Transformation

There's tons of buzz about Beinfield Architecture's work around town. Today, we're excited to share with you the cover story of the March issue of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens featuring the incredible transformation of the historic Winthrop House.

March 2014 cover featuring the historic Winthrop House transformation

The cover of CTC&G calls out 'The New Traditionalists', and that's an excellent notion for this team of Glazer, Beinfield and Whitcomb.  So much of each of their portfolios gives a reverent nod to the local history while harmoniously modernizing the aesthetics and comforts of today's design technology.

The article describes just a fraction of the care and effort that went into the conversion of the old, run-down hotel, originally built in 1848. It's current incarnation, completely respectful of it's history, houses 3 luxury condominiums in the heart of Rowayton.
Easing the run-down building into modern times wasn’t easy. “The bones of the building were there, but there was very little salvage,” says Glazer. “The building had been bastardized, and it was much like an architectural dig.” Glazer tapped Bruce Beinfield as the architect for the building, and together they worked closely with the Norwalk Preservation Trust and the Rowayton Historical Society to work around the historic constraints and match the detailing of the original Italianate structure with wraparound porches as closely as possible. “It was such a mess of a structure, it needed major surgery,” says Beinfield. “We needed to rebuild it from scratch. But based on its historic nature, we had to work around some of the features.”

Can you believe this was ever considered an eye sore? This porch is just calling your name for afternoon cocktails and a meditative view of the sound.

You can read the article about the historic Rowayton Winthrop House on the CTC&G website here. 
Photos by Keith Scott Morton from

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Beinfield Preserve | Expansion of the Farm Creek Preserve

Last week, The Norwalk Hour covered the planning of the area to be named, the Beinfield Preserve. Exciting! The Norwalk Land Trust is raising funds to acquire the estuary peninsula where Bruce was intending to build a fantastic little house along the former trolley line in Rowayton. 

Bruce has an excellent eye for interesting locations, and there was concern expressed in the community for this area adjoining the Farm Creek Preserve. Bruce jumped into the debate:
"I heard there was interest on the part of the Land Trust in the property. So I decided, based on my strong interest in the exciting things the Land Trust does, that opening the land up to the public would be a positive thing to do."
photo courtesy of The Hour

Frankly, I think more things should be named after Bruce. And I'm excited about the prospect of the Beinfield Preserve as a protected sanctuary in the community for interesting birds. It's so very "Moonrise Kingdom." As is the fact that The Hour suggests Bruce is calling open season on bird hunting:
Beinfield said the property offers refuge and hunting opportunities for birds such as sandpipers, osprey, herons and egrets.
Don't start polishing your rifles. I'm pretty sure we'll be bird watching on the peninsula.

You can read the whole article here at The Hour.