Monday, March 10, 2014

The Beinfield Preserve | Expansion of the Farm Creek Preserve

Last week, The Norwalk Hour covered the planning of the area to be named, the Beinfield Preserve. Exciting! The Norwalk Land Trust is raising funds to acquire the estuary peninsula where Bruce was intending to build a fantastic little house along the former trolley line in Rowayton. 

Bruce has an excellent eye for interesting locations, and there was concern expressed in the community for this area adjoining the Farm Creek Preserve. Bruce jumped into the debate:
"I heard there was interest on the part of the Land Trust in the property. So I decided, based on my strong interest in the exciting things the Land Trust does, that opening the land up to the public would be a positive thing to do."
photo courtesy of The Hour

Frankly, I think more things should be named after Bruce. And I'm excited about the prospect of the Beinfield Preserve as a protected sanctuary in the community for interesting birds. It's so very "Moonrise Kingdom." As is the fact that The Hour suggests Bruce is calling open season on bird hunting:
Beinfield said the property offers refuge and hunting opportunities for birds such as sandpipers, osprey, herons and egrets.
Don't start polishing your rifles. I'm pretty sure we'll be bird watching on the peninsula.

You can read the whole article here at The Hour.

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