Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Attract & Engage

An unusual glow emanates from around the corner
A planked and side lit walkway guides you forward

Connecting a Connecticut residence and its detached outbuilding there is an
underground tunnel.
Upon entering, at the end of a gangway you are introduced to an unusual glow emanating from
around the corner…

Mysteriously, the slug-like sculpture is enslaved
in this passage but ultimately is liberated by its cycle of illumination, affecting the mood of each passerby.
Formed by hundreds of smooth translucent polygonal boxes, the figure rises up and bridges over the pathway.

The texture is decidedly smooth and modern in contrast to the raw formed concrete surfaces it clings to...

The tunnel acts as both a passage and a destination.
A planked and side lit walkway guides you forward giving the sense of floating in space.
There are more than 16 million color combinations, however the majority of those varied hues are beyond the ability of the human eye to see, a testament to the fact that we are imprisoned by our limited senses. The slug makes the experience of moving between the Residence and the outbuilding not only an exploration of light and form, but also transcending what is superficial or obvious.  
There are more than 16 million color combinations

The concept for the project is related to Einstein’s Theory
of Relativity which describes wormholes as a topological feature that would fundamentally be a shortcut across the universe by traveling on the space-time relationship. A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends, each in separate points in space time.

Beinfield Architecture recently completed this project which involved uniquely modern twists on classic Connecticut vernacular style. The components included 9,000 sq.ft. residence, a media building housing a sculpture gallery, theater, and observatory, and this underground tunnel that connects the two

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