Monday, June 19, 2017

We Won!

2017 Alice Washburn Award Winner | Connecticut Chapter of The American Institute of Architects | Accessory Building

Reminiscent of a vernacular barn structure in an abandoned state, this new "reclaimed" structure houses a state of the art theater, sculpture gallery and observatory. Perched austerely on a hillside with sweeping views into the gardens and meadows, one side opens entirely with an industrial air-craft hangar door allowing further union with the countryside. The exterior is clad in glass and Corten steel in a natural rusted state. Atop sits a rotating aperture-slit dome of galvanized metal used for observing terrestrial or celestial events. Visitors are greeted by a monumental oak door that floats within its glass fa├žade. Continuing the mystery and creating a little bit of tension, a mottled black folded plate steel stair, resembling the bellows of an accordion, cantilevers off the wall. Once ascended, visitors encounter a catwalk crafted in steel and resin panels set within a circular spoked frame evocative of a reel of film which hovers above the gallery below. Combining the romance of the abandoned farm structure with a sense of folly from an earlier century, the building creates drama within its shell and frames the natural drama without. 

As an additional bonus, (not included within the award) this project is connected to the wine cellar in the main house by an 800 sf, 140 foot long concrete tunnel, inspired by a wormhole. The wormhole is home to an iridescent slug that radiates light in a broad spectrum of wavelengths from her glowing translucent skin. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Building with Blocks

Our 5 Story Mulit-Family for Spinnaker Real Estate Partners on Day Street South Norwalk just 3 weeks after foundation. Rendering of completed project at bottom.


Monday, February 27, 2017

Bringing It - A Better Shelter

Each Better Shelter unit comes with a Photo Voltaic system which
provides energy for the supplied LED light or for charging a mobile phone
IKEA really showing up with this 2017 Beazley
Design of the Year

award winning project -
A Better Shelter

With years of expertise in squeezing complex items of furniture into the smallest self-assembly package possible, Ikea has come up with a robust 17.5 sq m shelter that fits inside two boxes and can be assembled by four people in just four hours, following the familiar picture-based instructions – substituting the ubiquitous allen key for a hammer, with no extra tools necessary.

Ikea’s solar-powered Better Shelter lasts six times longer than a typical emergency tent and has already changed the lives of thousands of refugees around the world.

Consisting of three main parts — a frame, panels, and a solar power system — the weatherproof structure can go up in under four hours. It's designed to house up to five people.

Designboom time lapse construction video here
Guardian article here